Losing it, never having quite pinned down what it was. In decline, thoughts escaping and words failing, bit by shitting bit.

A Scot in Somerset. Want tae make something of it? C’moan then. Ah love youse, ya stoaters; aff wi’ ye, ya roasters.

Too lazy to write, too tired to think. Feart. Fortune favours the privileged and early winners – the rest of us take a 50/50 risk. Some of us hang back out of dreadful habit. Family and friends are everything.

Between dreaming and wakeful with a time-travelling head – but mostly just losing it.

Passive-ish-aggressive-ish. OCDish.

Gender critical, feminist-supporting, Indy loving, pro-CND, left-wing, pro-EU anti-Brexiter. Wingsman.

“A rare talent”Blair McDougall (Ex-somebody)