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I live with clinical depression, along with some physical restriction. I occasionally write bits – poems and ‘shorties’ – and, if asked, will tell people that I’m fine and keeping cheery – it saves time. Sometimes I do feel fine, but the black dog watches and waits, with that hungry grin that looks like anticipation.

This is a kind of therapy, I suppose.

If you would like to read some of my poems or shorties, and if I have been arsed to put them here (I lose interest quickly – I’m a starter but not a finisher), you can see them on my blog page. Click the homepage header link to ‘Blog’, and title of each post to expand. [Note: The ‘Published’ tags are inaccurate, as all the posts were added at roughly the same time, so I dated them just to order the mix.]

The best bit of the site by far, is the Homepage Header image, which is from a photograph by Miss Donna Babington who loves nature, and makes beautiful things.

Photograph by Miss Donna Babington.

Otherwise, your time would be better spent doing something else, while hopes that I may accidentally therap myself by doing this are ongoing.

Read a book. Please don’t recommend books, I’m not you.


Neil H